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Mission, Philosophy, Values

Our Mission  Central Physical Therapy & Fitness (CPTF) strives to promote your optimal health and wellness through knowledge, integrity & personalized care.  We do this by providing exceptional individualized Physical Therapy care and personal fitness training in a community based clinic.

CPTF serves as a neighborhood resource for both community members and health care providers.  We welcome all people regardless of race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious or political affiliation, or access to insurance. 

Our Philosophy  Our philosophy of healthcare encompasses these beliefs: 

  • Healthcare and your environment are interdependent.
  • Healthcare is a partnership between patient and provider.
  • Providers have a responsibility to remain current in their profession, through continuing education and ongoing research.
  • Individuals have a responsibility to participate in their healing.
  • Education is a key component of the healthcare process, providing information needed to minimize or prevent recurrence.
  • The Golden Rule applies – Care for others as you’d like to be cared for yourself.

Our Values   In addition, our business philosophy incorporates the following beliefs: 

  • Treat all people with respect.
  • Value resources including people, environmental, and financial resources.  Don’t waste them.
  • Do business with other local businesses.  It’s good for the local economy.
  • Have fun at your job.
  • Stay true to your personal values.

Local Living Economy

The idea that when economic power resides locally, it sustains healthy community life and natural life as well as long-term economic viability.  (See more about the principles of a local living economy at Local Living Economy Principles)

Natural Capitalism

The concept that businesses can better satisfy their customers’ needs, increase profits, and help solve environmental problems all at the same time.  For more information, read Natural Capitalism, by Paul Hawkin, Amory Lovins, & L. Hunter Lovins,

Access to Healthcare for all

Secure, affordable, and comprehensive health care coverage for all Washington residents implemented through a unified financing system.   For more information, see Health Care for All Washington.

Putting Values into Action  We strive to incorporate our values into all aspects of our clinic. 


We offer a limited number of sliding scale appointments for those without health insurance and with financial need.   We support local events and publications with our advertising budget and volunteer hours.  We actively support other local businesses.   We select the reading material in our waiting room to correspond with our values.  


Our employees are an extremely valuable resource and we strive to treat them in this manner.   We believe that the current wage gap between company owners and their employees is unreasonable; our policy caps owner salaries at no more than 10x the wage of the lowest paid full time employee.  All employees working at least 30 hours/week have access to company provided benefits.  As a healthcare organization, it’s particularly important that our employees have access to quality health insurance coverage without having to pay an unreasonable portion out-of-pocket.  It’s important that our employees are happy; we encourage them to take their paid time off and incorporate balance in their lives. 


Computers and monitors are turned off at night and on weekends.  Most office furniture, some exercise equipment, and all treatment tables were purchased used/refurbished, from local sources.  Environmental consciousness us very important to us and we are a GREENEST level business on the City of Seattle's Get on the Map program.  We also participate with the Seattle 2030 District program aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of building construction and operations.  We own 5 solar units as part of the Capitol Hill EcoDistricts Community Solar Project.


We purchase most of our office supplies through The Complete Line, a local independent office supply store and whenever possible the same is true for our Physical Therapy supplies.  


All employees have access to secure onsite bicycle parking.


As a clinic, we volunteer our time at several community events.  Past events have included the Rainbow Women’s Health Fair and Health Challenge, All Nation’s Cup soccer tournament, SMARTgirls Seattle Expanding Your Horizons, and Alki Elementary School’s Alkiathon.  Staff members volunteer with Seattle Dance Medicine.  In addition, we have provided periodic Physical Therapy-related Q&A sessions for students and staff at Seattle University.  We also serve as a volunteer site for prospective Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy assistant students.

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